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Hello everyone,

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It’s Devi, Principal Marketing Analyst, Marketing @ The Wave


My name is Devi and I recently joined The Wave® as a Principal Marketing Analyst on their Marketing Team. I have been on the Roblox platform since 2014, ever since I joined I have been fascinated with the power of the community. How a bunch of seemingly random people who have never met each other can produce, manage and grow communities with thousands of players, often beating the standard stereotype of successful people, who start with lots of capita and knowledge. Many of the developers and business operators being able to produce revenue, and expand their dreams and goals across the Roblox Metaverse.

My vision for The Wave® is for it to be a market leader in the food industry of groups. We will rewrite the books on how to successfully market “The Wave®” to our target audience, using innovative steps in order to promote our brand and expand across the Roblox Metaverse.

As a Principal Marketing Analyst, I hope to put The Wave® in the spotlight, the Number one destination for gamers to come, hangout, and eat great food in a Roblox experience. I also hope to change the company’s infrastructure in a way to avoid becoming another similar organization as many of the other Roblox Cafe and Restaurant industries have became over the years. We want to expand across the Roblox Metaverse with something new, interesting and drag our audience to something better than what our competitors have to offer.

I have done a variety of different jobs during my time on the Roblox Platform, from being a Game Moderator in Roblox’s biggest aviation-themed game Aerborne Airports to being the Managing Director for Business of an innovative games studio DreamLabs pushing the boundaries of what the platform can offer for consumers.

Director of Business at DreamLabs Studio — “One Dream, One Team.”
Game Moderator at Aerborne Airlines —” 299K+ Aviation Company”

I hope that I can help The Wave® grow and flourish, bringing the best out of the community. I cannot wait to see the future of The Wave® and the release of our next version. I am excited to be working with many of you, and if you’re not already employed with us, you should give us a try!

Thanks for reading!

About us?

The Wave ® is a Roblox Juicery founded by Selarise in 2017. Our main priority is customer satisfaction, we aim to have a successful connection between our clients and employees. We provide a relaxing environment to talk with friends or just a visit. No matter what business you are here for, we aim to help you to enjoy yourself! When a new player visits our experience, they can socialize with their friends, work as an employee, meet new people and purchase gamepasses and in-game upgrades to better their experience.

We want to empower the younger audience to come and play our experience, and have an amazing time. We think safety is also an important aspect of a perfect game experience, and we’ll ensure security measures are taken to protect our players, such as moderation and or account suspensions from the experience.

Careers? — Want to work at The Wave?

Want to be a part of The Wave Team? We’re currently hiring numerous employees to be apart of our team. Be sure to join our community server, and Roblox Group and we’ll do rest of the work.

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